Thursday, August 1, 2013

They're all little cereal killers

I try not to buy Lucky Charms because whenever I buy them, one of my rotten children always sneaks off with the box and eats all the marshmallows.  They always swear they won't when they are pleading with me to buy them in the store, "I swear Mommy!  I'll eat all of it.  I promise it won't be like the last time!"  They always keep their promise the first day and eat every last bite.  It's usually the second or third day when I go to pour a bowl for someone that I notice something is missing.  Usually, I throw the rest of the cereal out because I know its going to go bad before someone eats it once the marshmallows are gone.  Not this time.  My kids have been enjoying marshmallow free Lucky Charms all week.


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