Monday, July 29, 2013

Proper Receptacles

I'm getting old. I bought a new trash can yesterday for the porch, and I was almost a little giddy when I set it up. I splurged on one of the big ones, so I'd have somewhere to throw away all the junk that's to big for our normal kitchen trashcan. After I set it up, I had a blast walking around the backyard and picking up all the junk that had accumulated out there while we were without a proper outside receptacle. I went to bed last night with a sense of accomplishment and hope that the new trash can would provide my children with a proper outlet for all of their broken junk and trash and make me victorious in my battle against looking like we own a dump instead of a backyard oasis. My hopes and dreams were completely dashed this morning when I walked outside, to once again admire our new can, and discovered wadded up paper towels all over the ground next to it. When I asked the children why they hadn't just put the paper towels in the trash can, the looked at me like I was stupid, and answered, "the lid was on it!" So apparently I'm going to have to spend my afternoon conducting a seminar on how to properly operate a trash can. I guess I'll squeeze it in after my seminar on things that can and cannot go in the toilet.


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