Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Shower Nazi Strikes Again

So I made a terrible error in judgement this morning. The children were playing sweetly in the living room, so I decided to take a shower in the spare bathroom that has a shower curtain instead of the master that has a glass door Annabelle can't open. Twenty seconds into my shower, I'd had just enough time to put shampoo in my hair, a naked Annabelle pulled back the curtain all the way and demanded to join me. So whatever, I put her in. She immediately started to scream because she wanted to be picked up, so I picked her up. I quickly realized that washing your hair while holding an almost 2 year old is nearly impossible, so I went to sit her back down and discovered that I was covered in a yucky brown substance. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that my daughter had POOPED all over me! At this point, I had shampoo running into my eyes, I was frantically trying to wash the poop of of me, and not step in the poop on the shower floor, and all of a sudden Annabelle starts to scream bloody murder. Turns out, she'd grabbed the bar of soap and was attempting to wash her eyes with it! The best part is that when we got out of the shower, Tyler walked in and said, "Oh Annabelle took a shower with you!" I told him, "Yeah, and she pooped on me!" His response, "That is so cool!!! Was it a big turd?"


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